Accessing and Completing Your Course


  • Go to “MY ACCOUNT” button on top menu
  • Enter email provided when you purchased course in the field beside “username or email” — your email will be your username
  • Create your own, unique password by clicking on “Lost your Password” link below “Login” button
  • This will redirect you to “Password Reset” page
  • Enter¬† your email and submit
  • Look for email from containing link to reset your password
  • Click on link in email — this will redirect you to password reset page
  • Enter password
  • Go to Login — enter email address (as username) and password — click “Log In” button
  • You will redirected to “My Courses” where “Active Courses” and “Completed Courses” tabs are now available


  • Online Courses include: 1) LINKS to VIDEO LESSONS, 2) LINKS to accompanying REFERENCE MATERIALS (workbooks, forms) – if applicable, 3) TEST, 4) COURSE COMPLETION SURVEY, downloadable CERTIFICATE
  • Review the course page thoroughly to ensure you include any additional materials (links to accompanying forms, instructions and workbooks) that you will need to reference in your learning.
  • Click on video lesson link to begin video — watch each video lesson in consecutive order (NOTE: depending on length of course/CEUs, there may be 1 video lesson or there may be as many as 8).
  • After viewing video lesson, click on “Complete Lesson” — this will move you to the next lesson.
  • After completing all video lessons, go to TEST link — be sure review buttons at the bottom of test page: 1) if you are not ready to submit, click “SAVE” — this allows you to return to TEST where you left off, 2) “COMPLETE” — this submits your test. A passing grade of 80% or higher is required in order to move to next steps, 3) “RESTART” — if you DID NOT receive at least 80%, you can retake the quiz as many times as needed.
  • After submitting TEST and receiving 80% or higher, click on COMPLETE LESSON button — you can then access COURSE COMPLETION SURVEY.
  • Click on SURVEY link — after you complete and submit survey, you MUST click on COMPLETE LESSON button for your entire course to be considered COMPLETE. The course will move from “Active Courses” tab to “Completed Courses” tab
  • Go to “Completed Courses” tab — View and download your CERTIFICATE by clicking on “VIEW CERTIFICATE” button below your completed course.

Go to FAQs page for more information